Growth through Innovation

Real Time Data-Inventory Control-Integrated Voice-Online Orders-POS- Mobile-Computer Vision-IIOT
About us

Who is ClearSky Software Solutions?

We are an agile team of senior software engineers that are passionate about making a difference. Our company is premised on integrity, honesty and fairness. Growing up in Northern Ontario we have always championed smaller businesses, we like to say that we democratize technology for the little guy; we work hard to ensure size isn't the only critera to creative software solutions.

What Can you expect from ClearSky Software?
We are old school, we deliver exactly what we promise. We will push ourselves relentlessly to deliver on the project. We do what we have to do to make it happen.

What markets do we serve?
Our best clients are independent businesses in competitive markets, they are passionate in what they do and have a strong entrepreneurial spirit.


Industry Projects

Leveraging Scale

The greatest strength of any small business is their size; small businesses are agile, they can react to change quickly. Unfortunately in the same breath, size represents the biggest challenge. The reality, acting on change sometimes takes deep pockets, it's expensive to innovate. We are championing Harvard's Economics professor Michael Porter's solution to growing a business, Co-ompetition - Colloboration amongst your competitors. Example: Ford and General Motors teamed up to develop two new automatic transmissions (a nine-speed and a 10-speed). Why develop the transmissions jointly rather than separately? Working together to design the transmissions allowed the companies to share the high costs of developing the hardware without blurring their identities in the eyes of consumers.

Companies around the globe are facing increasingly more competition and the reality, it’s been small businesses taking it on the chin. If smaller businesses start collaborating they will remove the scale that is necessary to integrate innovations that will impact their business.

Our Intention:
I am reaching out to small aspiring businesses from Northern Ontario. The goal is to coalesce these independent businesses so that they have the scale necessary to act on business opportunities. Typically the same opportunities would be out of reach if pursued individually. Different businesses do share common challenges, (communication, inventory, manufacturing) when identified software and hardware integration costs can be shared (very similar to the Ford and GM example identified above). It is also understood that no business is completely identical to another and the integration will require some customization.

After a period of consultations with the group, we will identify solutions that will have the biggest impact on their business.

Some of the tech ideas that will be part of our initial discussion include the following:

Mobile App

Adding mobility to your business process.

IIOT smart sensors.
Automate Processes

Communicate key metrics, respond to changes of variables in the manufacturing process.

Connected Operations

Digitizing a business that connects all departments and functions. From Manufacturing to Shipping.

Real Time Data

Get insights right away
Make decisions based on timely data
React without delay.

Harness Digital

Going digital allows your business to speak to any customer by adding IVR, SMS, Chat, Video Calls, Speach to Text. .

Grow Revenue with
customized software

Customer data platform (CDP) and customer relationship management (CRM) will capture the maximum value from each of your customers all done programmatically

Sell products over
web, phone, in person.

Point of sale software will sychronize all of your customer touch points, allowing to maintain real time inventory and sell over any channel.

Computer Vision

Automate tasks that can be done programmatically, adding a tally application to automate grading or calculating finished goods prior to going into inventory.

Visualization of KPI
in Real Time

A dashboard that highlight key performance indicators of your business. Over time progressive software (machine learning, predicative analytics) can be applied,

Moving Forward

I understand that there is a lot of questions that have not been answered. Our first step in the process is to come up with a group that is willing to work together. The reality is that the challenges we are solving would be very difficult for any small business to overcome. Questions like how much more profitable will my business become will require analysis, and yes these questions will need to be answered before one dollar is invested. I will be setting up meetings either online or in some cases in person that will further explain the purpose, intent and benefits. If you would like to attend a group presentation online click on "Participate in Webinar" and fill in the form. If you would like to speak to me in private or have any questions you can either call or email me. My email address and phone # are listed below.
I look forward to hearing from you.