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Growth Related Strategies - Recruitment - Marketing Automation

Who is ClearSky Software Solutions?

ClearSky Software Solutions is a tech company that is passionate about helping organizations succeed. We have been working with organizations providing them a competitive advantage with our software solutions for the last 15 years.

Introducing our Recruitment / Marketing Automation Solution:
Software solution that identifies thousands of relevant prospects for their organization. The solution is based on the following technology and processes: (Big Data, Analytics, Advanced Digital Communication, AI powered solutions and when needed streamlined human processes).

Companies will see significant reductions in the cost of acquiring potential new prospects/employees that can be added to their CRM or ATS.

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Moving Forward

ClearSky Software Solutions, we will be booking "Demonstrations" of our recruiting / marketing automation platform. During our 15 minute presentation you will witness how simple and powerful the benefits can be integrated with your recruiting or marketing departments. Our first 50 clients will be recognized and rewarded with special Service Level Agreements.

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