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It's not what you say... It's what others say about you....

Content that is in Earned

Word of Mouth or what others say about your business has expanded with the advent of social media. Your business does not control this conversation and it has become an increasingly important form of content in the life buying cycle of consumers.

What other say about you.

With the popularity of social media a business no longer controls their message. Our tools will get you into the game and off the sidelines, because the most important content are the thoughts, words, impressions that are being spoken about your business.Businesses are not the only ones speaking about their products or service.

We live in a peer review society

Increasing your Rating from 3.5 to 4.5 Stars will increase bookings by 14%. Show that your company is listening by the way you deal with bad reveiws. How you handle a complaint will be judged more then the complaint itself.

Monitor and respond when others are speaking about your service

Companies today have two challenges, understanding what people are saying about your business, and the influence these words have on others and the effect it has on your bottom line.


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