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10 Ways Our Software Will Grow Your Revenues

Today’s customer is King they are fully empowered, they choose, what, when, where and how many with a click. Businesses today need to find a way of being relevant in the moment when the consumer is looking for them. Companies who do not evolve will simply go out of business. Some of the larger one’s who missed the shift in consumer behavior, Kodak, Polaroid, GM, Chrysler, BlockBuster and of course the thousands of small retail businesses that didn’t see the shift to online ecommerce. So how does my business EVOLVE? Know your NEW Customer and make it easy for the New Customer to know you.

We have put together 10 ways in which our Software will help your business grow revenues. All of the modules below are included in the Pioneer Package. We will be arranging demonstrations in the coming weeks to arrange your personal review add your name at the bottom of the page1

  • 1. Foundation engineered correctly

    Businesses are seeing 25% improvements in bookings when they can deliver faster  downloads and large high resolution images. Here in lies the engineering. How do we deliver bigger images, richer content, faster.  Acceleration technologies offered through CDN’s. This type of technology can deliver your web content 60% faster than traditional web hosting providers. Think of NetFlix how they can deliver video to your device almost instantly. The biggest gains are being seen with mobile where companies are seeing 4-5 seconds being shaved off of their page loads resulting in enhanced conversions and increased SEO rankings.  ClearSky Software has begun to test CDN solutions and will be introducing this exceptional delivery service.  Click the video above  that highlights the speed of a CDN.   

  • 2. LOCAL SEO

    Search engines use local signals that determine ranking of a service or product that is tied to a location. Clearsky Software will be partnering with BrightLocal and extend their Local SEO tools to the Pioneer Group. As an additional incentive the first 50 customers will have a local SEO audit and citation analysis performed. We will be conducting a training session where you will learn how to use the tools and how to further your progress. For those that are interested in wanting more we will provide a special incentive for the Pioneer Package.

  • 3. Organic SEO

    ClearSky Software is partnering with an international SEO company that will bring best of class SEO solutions to your business. As an additional incentive the first 50 customers will have a SEO audit performed. The audit will provide a benchmark allowing to see your progress. We will also provide a training session where you will learn how to use the tools and how to further your SEO progress. For those that are interested in wanting more we will provide a special incentive for the Pioneer Package.

  • 4. Analytics

    The key to understanding where you need to go can be found by understanding where you have been. Most businesses have attached Google Analytics to their web pages and mobile app; unfortunately the entire process has been frustrating. There is just so much Information that it makes it difficult to understand your data. We understand this so we will reformat Googles data content and produce visual and easily understandable reports . We will seek the Pioneer Group input and focus on Data Sets that are important to your business. This customized view will allow you to understand your customer at a deeper level.

  • 5. Consistent-Continuous – Complimentary

    We live in a one screen world.. And it happens to be the screen that your customer is looking at. Your customers expect a consistent, continuous and complimentary experience going from one device to another and when they are viewing that screen in front of them you have 3-5 seconds to generate an emotional impact. All of our designs are best in class and been designed to capture the emotional aspect of your audience while delivering consistent, continuous and complimentary experience.

  • 6. Enrich Customer Experience

    In highly competitive markets the ability to add value for your user can help convince them to book with your campground. We have added a number of value added features that will enrich your customer experience. One of our unique value added programs is our exclusive mobile coupon platform. How it works: you work a deal with the local golf course that every person who stays with you gets special pricing on a round of golf. When your visitor checks in this action activates all of the coupons tied to his account. This tool will allow you to approach neighbouring businesses and offer exclusive shared offers to increase the value and benefit to your guests. These coupons can be extended to seasonal campers as well. When I introduce myself I will show you how this feature works plus introduce to four more.

7. Expanding your Network

The more paths that lead back to your business the more opportunities will be presented. We built software that will allow you to extend these pathways to a number of different sites. We will be looking to extend your website to 4 platforms that literally get millions of visitors per month.

Outdoor Adventures Online

Connecting your campsite to the Outdoor Adventures Online portal. Clearsky has expertise developing portals and will extend to the Pioneer Group a chance to be part of our portal initiative. During our demo I can introduce you to Outdoor Adventures Online and with your input we can develop a package that is customized to your circumstances.


Our affiliate software application will track all leads that are sent to your website. The application will set up the tracking scripts, and record and report the commissions that are payable to your network. The application Iis perfect for golf courses, soccer clubs and or events that take place in your community. During our demonstration I will behappy to show you how the Affiliate program works.


Trip Advisor has been making some big changes and today you can now book your accommodations through their platform. Trip Advisor gets 100 million visits per month and properties are seeing 230% increase in bookings. Google Hotel Finder Campgrounds looking to increase their discoverability through search can leverage Google’s Hotel Finder as well as Google’s Hotel Price Ads (HPA) . ClearSky Software will be connecting to Googles Hotel Finder which will allow you to publish availability and pricing. The ability to place your property at the top of rankings can be done through their bidding process Hotel Price Ads (HPA). Perfect for those campgrounds in competitive markets.


    Mobile has allowed the consumer to live online and be connected 24/7. Mobile has become an extension of how people communicate and share their experiences with their community. Mobile consumers are demanding and want their answers now at this very “MOMENT”. It is all about the “Moment” - the moment when your customers are searching for you, the moment they want to book a facility, the moment they want to download a coupon. Your customers live in the moment and a business's success is now tied to these moments of interaction. We understand this and will be introducing a comprehensive mobile strategy for the Pioneer Group that will put you at the forefront of your industry. For More information Click Here...

  • 9. Knowledge + Action = Power

    THE CYCLING CENTER -  if you are not pedaling like mad today, you are falling farther behind. The Cycling Center will house news, articles, publications, podcasts, videos, books, conference proceedings and training sessions. This will be a members only library, we will be curating the content from the most respected publications, authors and events.  All of the content will be tagged, categorized and databased.  Prior to posting the content into the Center it will be reviewed by ourselves, commented and rated.     It's our goal to have all of our customers succeed, and for this reason we made the commitment to build a resource library that will impact your business. Every participating member of ClearSky Software will have access to our digital library.

10. Communicating with your customers

Today the most popular way of saying hello is not in person, or mail or over the landline phone. Computers, tablets, smartphones and soon wearables has changed the way we communicate; and it is the section of your software license which is the most dynamic component and also the most important. If we cannot communicate with our audience - than how do we connect with our customer.


Text Messaging is the fastest growing form of communication in North America. Today’s consumers love to text—in both their personal relationships and also when it comes to their interactions with companies. Our SMS platform has the ability to communicate 1-1 or in the event you need to speak to a larger audience it can broadcast an individualized message to thousands. This type of messaging promotion is perfect for last minute deals, or daily specials or simple reminders to your seasonal clients.


Clearsky Email application will allow you to quickly become an email pro with our integrated email application. Segment your lists, track open rates and click throughs. Automate responses based on actions taken within the email, send out reminders to your seasonal accounts, merge lists of names, customize fields so that your emails are personalized, create emails that have been optimized to be open in a mobile device. Our email application provides the feedback to take your campaign to the next level.

Social Media

WHAT OTHER SAY ABOUT YOU. With the popularity of social media a business no longer controls their message. Our tools will get you into the game and off the sidelines, because the most important content are the thoughts, words, impressions that are being spoken about your business.

Our Guarantee: ClearSky Software will provide a full refund of all Licensing Fees up to 1 year from the date of the project going live.
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