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How Important Is Your Mobile Strategy

    We live in a Multi-Device World:

  • 1.75 Billion smartphones users worldwide.

  • 24 Billion wireless connected devices by 2020.

  • 225 Billion App Downloads worldwide by 2015.

  • 86% use mobile devices while watching TV.

  • 90% move between the 3 core devices to accomplish a goal.

Google Updates their Algorithm called “Mobilegeddon” .

Google will now factor mobile friendliness and indexing of apps into their search results.
So What Does this Mean?
An Example: Jim the owner of a Big Lake Campground is about to load onto his website 2 seasonal lots that have come open. He loads the description and images and publishes the content to his website and mobile app. The next day John who is taking the bus to work pulls out his mobile and searches for recreational properties on Big Lake. Google does its magic and voila, a search result. Located in the search results is a link to Big Lake Campground and its 2 seasonal lots. John downloads the app and checks out the gallery of images, reviews, the description of the lots with the images. He decides to book an appointment with the camp manager and taps on the calendar. Before closing the app he posts to Facebook his decision about leasing a lot and asks all of his friends what they think. Now lets assume you don’t have a mobile friendly site, this is what will happen.. Nothing, you can not be found and John ends up renting a cottage.

Googles validation of indexing app content plus the enhanced user experience suggests that companies have a mobile strategy and if the user experience is important it should include apps. ClearSky Software has a responsive and adaptive mobile site that has been approved by Googles mobile friendly tester. We have decided to take this one step further and introduce a special offer to our Pioneer Package that will include a special Mobile App for your campground. More information will be disclosed in the coming weeks.

In developing our mobile platforms it was important to consider the following standards in our mobile platforms

    Our Software was built knowing that one size does not fit all. Our content management system is capable of building separate pages and functionality based on the specific device being used.


    Users expect the experience going from one device to another will be continuous and seamless without any loss of data or changes. We achieve this enhanced experience by synchronizing the data across all devices.


    Sometimes you can only complete a task using one device. Understanding that our platforms are synchronized allows us to employ many added features that complement the experience.


Choose from over 8 fully responsive layouts.