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Help Customers find the content that is important to them...

So Whats the Game Plan

Google has changed everything. Today's highly connected consumer is the Boss he chooses what to search, when, where and on what device. What is the Boss searching? Answers to his questions. Your content is all about providing answers and if you don't provide the answers you risk not being found.

Be Found

Understanding that your customers are looking at your content for answers, we have put together a number of tools that will help your information become more easily found when they click search.


    In a search driven world your success will be dependent on aligning the persona of your customer and his needs with your content. You will be able to know what content is trending, what your competitors are adding and where you rank for the terms that keep your business running.


    You need to know how many times your newsletter was read, what links were clicked whether your readership "Liked" the content. Measuring engagement will let you know what resonates and what doesn't, allowing you to focus on what does. Your analytics will reveal which keywords are being used, what devices your customers are using, whether they came from an ad or Facebook page. Incremental changes in what you say and do will impact your traffic.


    Build an experience that will begin to personalize the content that important to your customer. Look for patterns that are repeatable and extend offers based on this information. Its smarter and your customers will appreciate it.


Develop content that acts like a magnet attracting future Customers