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Growing a community starts with developing a relationship with your customers.

    8 Reasons Why Email is Relevant

  • Affordable

  • Simple and Quick

  • Relationship Focused

  • Action Oriented

  • Measureable

  • More Popular Than Social Media

  • Mobile and Global


    8 out of 10 shoppers will abandon their online shopping carts in the travel industry. An E-mail retargeting campaign will forward an e-mail to the prospective customer inviting them to complete the reservation process or address any questions or concerns they may have.

  • Reservation Remarketing program

    Our Remarketing Program will serve website visitors who abandon the website and the reservation process. When the viewers leave the reservation page they will be served an attractive marketing banner that is relevant to their interests. The banner will include time sensitive promotion that encourages the prospective booker to complete the reservation.


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    Our website form builder will allow you to capture   e-mail adresses and promote to an audience that would like to be informed of offers that are being extended by your buisiness. Our advanced segmenting will ensure that each message is delivered to an e-mail address who wants the offer.


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