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E-mail is the #1 preferred method chosen by customers to communicate.

    5 Reasons you need to rethink E-mail:

  • 50% of people check email on their phone.

  • 30% of online shoppers ask to have material emailed to them.

  • Use of mobile coupons is estimated to double over the next five years to reach 1 billion people.

  • Easy to customize.

  • Inexpensive

  • Easy to measure results.

E-mail is the most cost effective way in communicating with your Customers

Quickly become an e-mail pro with our integrated email application. Segment your lists, track open rates and click throughs. Automate responses based on actions taken within the e-mail, send out reminders to your seasonal accounts, merge lists of names, customize fields so that your e-mails are personalized, create e-mails that have been optimized to be open in a mobile device. Our e-mail application provices the feedback to take your campaign to the next level.

Customer retention programs can produce ROI of 10:1 - this is a statistic you cannot ignore.


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