Democratizing Software Solutions For Small Businesses


Who Is Clearsky Software

I believe you will be surprised to know the Team behind these web pages. We are collection of diversity from age to nationalities. But a common thread that runs through our group is passion and a love for what we do. There is a quote by the the late CEO of Apple that exemplifies who we are: "People say you have to have alot of passion for what we do.. and it's totally true and the reason is because its so hard if you don't any rational person would give up. You got to love what you do to persevere..." Steve Jobs

So What makes Us different?

We are a team and our structure is a little unique, we have no employees, we are all partners who have a say in the direction of our business. We understood from the beginning to be able to deliver the best solutions we had to retain our engineers, our front end developers and our managers. To keep the talent we gave them a say and continue to invest in their growth. It's amazing with this structure how much more focused the group is in adapting new ideas and what passion and a vested interest can do.